2017 Impumelelo Social Innovations Platinum Award

Bright Kid Foundation is honoured to be the recipient of this prestigious award. It is a testament to the Bright Kid Foundation ECDC program delivering high quality certified ECD infrastructure  - a significant, sustainable investment in South Africa’s children.


Department of Social Development Endorsement

The Department of Social Development has endorsed the Bright Kid Foundation:

"Bright Kid Foundation is able to deliver complete Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDCs) to remote rural areas and informal settlements... We encourage investment in ECDCs, as the DSD has prioritized Early Childhood Development as vitally important for the future of South Africa's children."

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Booktainer® Libraries

There is a dire need for well stocked libraries run by trained librarians in deserving primary schools. More than 16 000 public schools in South Africa do not have libraries...




Our MANTAG Certification

Edutainer® Comments

I find the Edutainer® very user-friendly for me, my teachers and the children. It is wonderful."
Selina Malepa, Teacher at Ithuthuba Preschool
Janet Suzman Zenzele Edutainer®

On July 13th, an Edutainer® donated by Dame Janet Suzman was delivered to Zenzele near Randfontein in the mining area west of Johannesburg.The Edutainer® is the only pre-school serving this informal settlement of several thousand people. The Edutainer® will be supported by the Gauteng Department of Health and Social Services (GDHSS) which will train the teachers and register it as a pre-school.


This Edutainer® will have a hugely beneficial impact on an impoverished rural area. The entire community arrived to give the Edutainer® an ecstatic welcome.



GDHSS has requested Edutainers® for selected 58 carefully selected sites in the West Rand area. They will give significant support to all the Edutainers® placed on these sites located in poor rural communities, including teacher training, registration with the Department of Health, and ultimately the registration of a fully fledged Grade R classroom. Bright Kid Foundation would like to deliver Edutainers® to all of the 58 sites selected, and to have a major beneficial impact on communities in whole West Rand area.