2017 Impumelelo Social Innovations Platinum Award

Bright Kid Foundation is honoured to be the recipient of this prestigious award. It is a testament to the Bright Kid Foundation ECDC program delivering high quality certified ECD infrastructure  - a significant, sustainable investment in South Africa’s children.


Department of Social Development Endorsement

The Department of Social Development has endorsed the Bright Kid Foundation:

"Bright Kid Foundation is able to deliver complete Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDCs) to remote rural areas and informal settlements... We encourage investment in ECDCs, as the DSD has prioritized Early Childhood Development as vitally important for the future of South Africa's children."

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Recent Projects

UNICEF publish article on The Bright Kid Foundation

UNICEF Publishes Article on The Bright Kid Foundation

UNICEF South Africa has published an article entitled The Bright Kid Foundation: A true commitment to early childhood development, which takes a look at the work The Bright Kid Foundation is doing in the crucial arena of early childhood development in under-resourced communities. From the article:

"UNICEF believes that early learning and development opportunities provide children with the best start in life and help them to grow up to be healthy, happy secure adults; and that the innovative and collaborative approach of the Bright Kid Foundation helps expand such opportunities for young children – one ECD centre container at a time."

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Our MANTAG Certification

Edutainer® Comments

I am proud to have a classroom such as an Edutainer®.’
Joyce Maila, Teacher at Mafube Day Care.
Four Pillars of Success

The are four essential parts which come together for each successful Edutainer® project, each equally important.


The Non-Government Organisation selected much specialise in Early Child Development. They are responsible for identifying the site for the new Edutainer®, and thus their specialist knowledge covers an understanding of which schools have the best teacher training and potential to make the project a success.

The Recipient School

There is a huge demand for Edutainers® in schools across the country. But it is essential that the chosen school has the drive, capacity and skills to exploit the possibilities which these new classrooms provide. Only schools with outstanding performance despite the odds, or outstanding potential in terms of staff and community, are considered.

The Bright Kid Foundation

The Bright Kid Foundation oversees the entire process. From the fitting of the container, to working with the NGO and school, we make sure that every project is guaranteed to excel.

The Donor

Of course, none of what we do would be possible without the donor. Whether a Corporate Social Investment venture which sponsors one or multiple containers, or through the accumulation of private donations, the projects cannot be undertaken without generous community support. For a list of some of our donors as well as the Edutainers® currently changing lives in South Africa, please see below.